2-DE Database for Human Heart Proteins


The Human Myocardial Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Protein Database

This is the two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (2-D PAGE) database for human heart proteins. It contains data on proteins identified on the 2-D PAGE maps of ventricle and atrium of human heart.

HEART-2DPAGE as an Internet accessible database was created at the German Heart Institute Berlin.

HEART-2DPAGE includes proteinchemical data obtained at the Wittmann Institute of Technology and Analysis of Biomolecules and at the Free University of Berlin.

HEART-2DPAGE is based on the following publications.

The database was first published on the WWW in November 1995.


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Ventricle Atrium

Immobilized pH gradient gel (IPG)

Improving the comparability between databases an IPG gel image from a left ventricular tissue sample of human heart is shown including some clickable protein spots. (The gel was produced by Lueck and Harnisch - Institute for Pharmacy/Free University of Berlin).

Results from computer-assisted analysis of gels

For quantitave and qualitative analysis we use the PDQUEST-software from pdi (USA). Here are some standard images with protein expression profiles for matchset data of gels under investigation.

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