Research Topics at the Institute of Chemistry

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Research Topics at the Institute of Chemistry

Research Topic Research Group
actinides Abram
alkoxides of transition metals Spandl
Alzheimer: amyloid precursor protein of Alzheimer's disease Multhaup
amyloid precursor protein of Alzheimer's disease Multhaup
aptamers Erdmann
astrophysics and -chemistry Illenberger
bacterial toxin-antitoxin systems Saenger
bioorganic chemistry Hackenberger
BMPs (Bone Morphogenetic Proteins) Knaus
catalysis, heterogeneous Christmann
cluster: properties in the gas phase Rühl
computer applications in chemistry Kirste
coordination chemistry Abram
dendritic polymers Haag
dynamics of electronically excited states of molecules Rühl
electron and light initiated reactions in free and bound molecules:
gas phase, clusters, surfaces and condensed phase
electron density and topological analysis Luger
enantioselective catalysis Czekelius
endocytosis Haucke
environmental research: laboratory experiments Rühl
evolutionary techniques, in vitro Erdmann
fluorine chemistry Lentz
fluoroalkyl substituted amino acids Koksch
GDF-5 (Growth and Differentiation Factor) Knaus
halogen chemistry Seppelt
heterocycles Reißig
host-guest chemistry Schalley
hydrogen bonds Saenger
hydrogen transfer and hydrogen bonding Limbach
hypercoordinated complexes Beckmann
inorganic functional polymers Schlecht
low temperature crystallography Luger
low-temperature NMR Limbach
mass spectrometry of supramolecular architectures Schalley
material science Illenberger
membrane-intrinsic receptors Saenger
metal methyl compounds Seppelt
metallated allenes Reißig
metalloorganic chemistry of main group elements Beckmann
molecular biology Saenger
molecular cell biology: clathrin-mediated membrane traffic at chemical synapses Haucke
molecular dynamics on femtosecond and picosecond time scales Leibscher
noble gas compounds Seppelt
nucleic acid chemistry Erdmann
oligosaccharides Saenger
organometallic chemistry Lentz
palladium-catalyzed reactions Reißig
peptide chemistry Koksch
photosystems I and II Saenger
plasma processing Illenberger
prion protein: conversion of the cellular form into the scrapic isoform Multhaup
protein bioreactor Erdmann
protein crystallography Saenger
protein structure prediction
(photosynthetic systems, enzymes and drugs)
protein-nucleic acid interactions Saenger
radiation damage und radiotherapy Illenberger
radiochemistry Abram
reaction dynamics: theory of molecular reaction dynamics Manz
ribozymes incl. RNAi Erdmann
RNA technologies Erdmann
samarium diiodide induced cyclizations Reißig
self assembly Schalley
semiconductor nanoparticles: synthesis in solution Schlecht
semi-synthesis of biological molecules / peptide modifications Hackenberger
solid state NMR Limbach
Spiegelmere Erdmann
structure research by X-ray diffraction Luger
surface chemistry Christmann
synthetic organic chemistry Reißig
technetium Abram
TGF-beta (Transforming Growth Factor) Knaus
theory of charge and excitation energy transfer reactions in biological macromolecules Renger
theory of molecular reaction dynamics Manz
total synthesis of natural products Reißig
transition metal complexes as catalysts for organic reactions Tzschucke


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